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Friendly General & Children’s Dentist

The following list contains some of the family dentistry treatments we perform here at  Hopkins Street Dental Surgery:

Teeth are one of those things in life that we could easily take for granted until something goes awry and dental health can make a world of difference to your day-to-day enjoyment of life. Whether it’s the enjoyment of sharing a meal – such a key part of our social experience – or simply feeling confident enough to smile freely, your teeth play a vital role and should be treasured!

ImplantsAs the friendliest children’s dentist in Hobart, we take a preventative approach and promote good dental hygiene from an early age.  A visit to us won’t just be like a mechanical service at the garage – we’ll take the time to give you advice and support to build a good dental regime.  Our surgery is treating patients on the new Child Dental Benefits Schedule.  If you receive notification from the Government that your child is eligible for this scheme, certain dental procedures will be covered with a total amount of $1000.00 to be used over a two year period.

Unfortunately though, despite the best of habits, remedial action can often be required as we are living longer, fuller lives and giving our teeth more and more work to do. We are fully equipped and qualified to deal with the range of issues you’re likely to face.

All of our dentists keep up to date with the latest technologies in dentistry and recognise that ever-continuing education is simply part of providing the best possible service.

Whether you’re after a children’s dentist or you are needing more complex treatment, contact Hopkins St Dental today!