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Dental Health Week 4th to 10th August 2014

Aug 1st, 2014

Dental Health Week 4th to 10th August 2014

Dental Health Week is a community awareness campaign which is held on the first Monday of August every year.  The continued objective every year is to educate everyone about the significance of maintaining good oral health.  The campaign theme changes on an annual basis.

The 2014 campaign aims to educate new and expecting parents with regard to oral health for “Babies and Toddlers”.

The key character for this year’s campaign is “The Sugar Bandit”.  The Sugar Bandit can be grandparents, aunts and uncles.  They are sometimes guilty of letting discipline go out the window because they want to spoil their grandchildren/niece/nephew.  Loading them up with sugar and then sending them home after a visit is often the idea!

These Sugar Bandits are teaching children that sugar is a reward, even if the children’s parents are being mindful and diligent about their children’s nutritional needs.

It  is a very good idea to start your children at a young age by having a visit to the dentist whilst they can understand what is going on and become familiar with the surroundings.  It is preferable to have this first visit for an initial exam and not to wait until your child has a dental problem that then requires urgent attention.  Their first visit then may not be an enjoyable experience.

 A large number of our patients are children and 3 of our 5 dentists have children of their own, so they are familiar with children’s needs and expectations. Please contact our surgery to arrange an appointment for your child/children.  Or why not call in and grab a brochure on display promoting Dental Health Week which will help to assist with the dental needs and requirements for babies and toddlers.