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Annual World Dental Congress 2014!

Aug 22nd, 2014

Annual World Dental Congress 2014!

One of our fabulous dentists at our surgery will be attending the 2014 FDI Annual World Dental Congress in New Delhi in the next month.  What a wonderful opportunity to meet up with fellow dental colleagues from all over the globe to interact and share their wealth of dental knowledge.

The congress is the international voice of dentists which represents some 200 national dental associations and specialist groups.  This was set up in Paris way back in 1900.  Wow time flies!  This is the second time the congress has been held in New Delhi.  The previous one was in 2004.  Why hold it in India you may ask?   India is one of the world’s largest growth markets for dental products and dental skills.

We are always encouraging our dental staff to attend conferences, seminars and congresses to widen their dental knowledge and skills.  They can then bring these assets back to our surgery and share them in the treatment of the most important aspect of our practice – our patients!

This also means that we will have one less dentist on staff in the coming month.  So don’t leave that telephone call until the last minute hoping to get an appointment straight away.  We would not want you to be disappointed.

As it gets closer to the end of the year, plan ahead and book your dental appointments well in advance and avoid the Christmas rush!  Yes, it will be here before you know it!

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